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Holly is the first kitten we have kept from Kassi and Tyler
is her father.  She has Kassi’s temperament and is totally
laid back and sweet.  She has her daddy’s pretty muzzle
and has excellent boning.  She is the 2nd Best Ragdoll,
5th Best Longhair Cat, 19th Best Allbreed Cat, 2nd Best
Kitten and Best Ragdoll Kitten
 in the Great Lakes Region
for the 2007-2008 season!  She attended her first adult
show at 8 months old and became a Grand Champion,
beating 2 Supreme Grand Champions.  Then at her fifth
show, she became a Supreme Grand Champion.  We are
very excited to see how her babies turn out in the future.
Thanks Kassi and Tyler!

Here she is, our pride and joy and first Supreme Grand
Champion, a blue bicolor girl shown above.  She got her SGC in TICA after only 5 shows and is also a CFA Champion.  Her eyes are almost navy blue.  This girl is the 12th Best Longhair Cat in the GL Region for the year of 2005.  She is also a Queen that has given us awesome babies her first time, including Raina.  I’ll repeat myself again and thank Lora for another purrfect baby!

Meet Kassi, a seal bicolor girl with nice blue eyes.  
We are very excited to watch her develop and love her temperament.  She is our sweetest girl and her babies are just as awesome.  Thanks Cindy!

This is our seal tortie bicolor and she is Hot Stuff, just ask her!  Her eye color is extremely nice (pix does not do them justice) and she just keeps getting better every day.  Everyone that looks at her immediately
smiles as she has a wonderful expression.  Her daddy is RW SGC Bluegrasrags Lord Ace of HeartNSoul, a beautiful big dark eyed SGC.  This girl is full of what Carolyn calls “tortitude”; it is her way or no way.  She is
very sweet and we love her very much.  Thanks,Carolyn, for a really precious baby.

We finally have a seal mitted!  She is a fuzz ball that is in the middle of everything.  I think she thinks she is a red!  Thanks again, Carolyn.


Unfortunately we cannot get a picture of Foxy with her eyes open!  Hopefully we will soon be successful.  She weighed 5 1/2 pounds at 14 weeks of age!  This girl is
huge and has an appetite to match.  I told Lora I wanted a really big girl and she sure did deliver!  Thank you AGAIN,  Lora!


Look at our sealpoint torbie girl above.  Is she not the cutest thing you have ever seen?  She is shown here at 3 months and 9 months, a big girl.  One more beauty from Carolyn Font at HeartNSoul.  Reba will give us a big variety of babies later this year.

This is our newest baby. Her mommy is DGC Bluegrasrags Kashmir and her daddy is GC
RockinBlues Big Easy. She is a nice big girl so far, very sweet with excellent eye color.
She is very young in these pictures so we are hoping she gets even better and will be
watching her closely.

Meet Calli, a blue bicolor girl from Dreama/Tyler.  We have very high hopes for her in the show halls; she is a nice big girl and should give us beautiful babies next year.

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