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Show Brags
Show Brags
OD RW SGC RockinBlues November Rain
WAHOO, we have the honor of having bred an Outstanding Dam.  This is
quite an honor that not many Ragdoll breeders can claim.  Her proud owners
have found a magic combo with their boy and Raina is producing many
beautiful show cats. TICA Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion, 7th
Best Longhair in the Mid-Atlantic Region 2006-2007, 14th Best Cat in the
Mid-Atlantic Region 2006-2007, CFA Champion, 3rd Best Ragdoll in the
Southern Region 2006-2007.

Another Dreama/Tyler stunning beauty.  Raina is a beautiful, perfectly
marked blue bicolor girl with exquisite blue eye color.  Raina did fantastic in
the show halls and was awarded many Best and 2nd Best Cat ribbons in CFA
and TICA.  We are very proud of her as is Dreama and Tyler!  Thank you
Carolyn and George for showing and loving our baby.
Here is our  Regional Winner,  Grand Champion male.  He received two
Best Cat finals in his first adult show!  I cannot describe how wonderful he
is.  His temperament is to die for, he has eye color that no picture can truly
capture, and has an excellent coat; truly the ultimate package.   Thanks to
my good friends George and Carolyn Font for our treasure.
RW SGC HeartNSoul Hurricane
This is the first SGC we have bred of our own and we are quite proud of
her.  Her father is Tyler and her mother is Kassi.  She is 2nd Best
Ragdoll, 5th Best Longhair Cat, 19th Best Allbreed Cat, 2nd Best
Kitten and Best Ragdoll Kitten in the Great Lakes Region.  She is also
the 3rd Best Ragdoll Kitten in TICA for the 2007-2008 season.
RW SGC RockinBlues Houses of the Holy
RW SGC Soulmates Dream On of RockinBlues
This is our first SGC and she has the sweetest face and darkest eyes.  She was the
12th Best Long Hair Ragdoll for the year 2005 and she is also a CFA Champion.  
You will also note that she is the mother to many of our show babies; we just love
her dearly.
RockinBlues Tucker Beau
This is TICA Grand Champion and CFA Grand
Premier RockinBlues Tucker Beau,
owned/shown/loved by Brenda Hopfer.  He is a seal
bicolor from Micki/Miracle and received 6 finals in
his last CFA show as a kitten and received a final in
his first show as an Open in CFA, at the CFA Annual
show!  He also received 4 finals in his first adult
show in TICA.
This handsome guy is a half brother to
Tucker.  He is owned/shown/loved by
Becca Hopfer, Brenda's daughter
. Riley
recently received a Best Kitten final at
a CFA show.  We are all proud of him!
RockinBlues Riley Tate
Site Maintained by Becca
RockinBlues Sophie Bijou
This is Sophie, a blue lynx mitted girl from Reba and Miracle.
She is owned/shown/loved by Becca Hopfer. Sophie MUST
be the life of the party, very outgoing, sweet, wonderful
coat/ear set/etc. She received 2 finals in her first show as an
Open in CFA at the CFA Annual Show! She also received 5
finals in her first TICA show, making her the 5th best kitten
in the show! She also earned her Double Grand Title in just 2

It's all about her, just ask her!

Sophie has achieved the breed win titles in CFA of 3rd Best
Ragdoll Kitten and 3rd Best Ragdoll Grand Premiere in the
Great Lakes region for the year 2010-2011.  Sophie has also
been awarded RFWs 8th best alter of the 2010-2011 show
season. We are certainly very proud of her!
This beautiful blue torbie mitted girl is residing at
Ziadolls in New Mexico, being loved and spoiled by
Michele.  She received 12 finals in her last 2 kitten
shows!  She is a nice big girl, great eye color (pix
never show them!), wonderful coat and great
temperment.  She is also the littermate to
RockinBlues Sophie Bijou, I think HeartNSoul
McEntire, aka Reba, outdid herself on this litter!
CH RockinBlues Milagro of Ziadolls
GP RockinBlues Skylar Rex
CFA 2nd Best Ragdoll Kitten 2011-2012
CFA Best Ragdoll Kitten in Great Lakes Region 2011-2012
This adorable guy, Skylar, is a half-brother to Riley. His
parents are Sadie and Dylan. He is owned/shown/loved by
Brenda. At his first CFA show, at only 4 months of age, he
received 6 finals and one best kitten in an All Breed ring!

Skylar became a Grand Premier in just 2 shows!

We are proud to announce that Skylar was the 2nd best
Ragdoll kitten in CFA and the Best Ragdoll kitten in the
Great Lakes Region for the 2011-2012 show season!
Show Brags