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Show Brags
CH Ridgecreek Starman
Attack kitten on duty...
Take a look at our blue lynx bicolor boy from Ridgecreek Ragdolls.  He is the
Best Blue Lynx BiColor in the Great Lakes region for the year 2006/07.  The
photo at the left was taken when Bowie was a little tyke and the one on the
right side was taken at the age of 8 months and 13 1/2 pounds!  Huge,
beautiful, gentle giant.  He was momma's boy and we loved him as an alter in
our home, may he rest in peace, it was very heartbreaking (still is) to lose him.  
Thanks Mary, for my forever angel.
Soulmates Dusty Ziggy
Ziggy is a gorgeous seal lynx mitted.  She
weighs almost 15 pounds; a nice big floppy girl.
RockinBlues Once Bitten Twice Shy
Another beautiful alter from Dreama and Tyler.  He is Raina's littermate, big boy again
and Elvis' brother from a different litter.  His eye color is super dark just like his mommy.
 We love this boy and he loves to sleep with my husband every night.  If you know of a
hard nosed long distance truck driver that might enjoy a 'guard cat' and has patience, call
Soulmates Coopurr Blu of RockinBlues
Meet Coopurr, our very first Ragdoll, a blue mitted.  He is full of what we call cattitude, very
entertaining and is the first one to greet everyone that comes to the door.  He is relaxing with our
Basset Hound, Thelma.
Show Brags
CHA Highlander Iron Man, aka Ozzy
HA HA, fooled ya, huh?  No, he is not a sealpoint lynx Ragdoll.  He is our oddball, a
gorgeous brown classic tabby Maine Coon!  Just our pet, he is a hoot!  20 pounds at
less than a year old, please don't tell him he's not a Ragdoll or weighs more than 7
pounds, he doesn't know.  We'd like to keep him innocent! hehehe